"...[T]he settlement of Gorge Town, the scree huts and rambleshacks of the hairy-backed quarry trogs who lived there, clinging to the rocks like sky barnacles to a logbait."

Gorge Town was a small city in the Deepwoods during the Third Age of Flight, populated predominantly by quarry trogs. Buildings were constructed along the cliff-sides. Below the city were dark caverns with forests of stalagmites within.[2]

It was possibly the same place as the Gorges.

Role in The Immortals

At the Midwood Decks, Zelphyius Dax predicted that Gorge Town would eventually become a metropolis, carelessly stripping the surrounding environs of resources and wildlife[3].

On their way to the eastern reaches of the Edgeworld to find Ifflix Hentadile, Nate Quarter and the crew of the Archemax were impeded by a bank of impenetrable fog for two days. Once the fog had lifted, they found themselves moored near Gorge Town. They were warmly welcomed by the quarry trogs, who eagerly listened to Eudoxia and Nate's tales of the Battle of the Midwood Marshes. They returned to their journey at the insistence of the Professor[2].

Behind the Scenes


On March 27, 2018, Chris Riddell posted this illustration of Gorge Town, which will likely appear in Chapter Eight of The Descenders.


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