"A ghost!"

Gram-Tatum was the grandmother of Sinew and Gristle Tatum and her son was the husband of Ma-Tatum. In 33 ᴇ.ʏ., she met Twig at the slaughterers' dawn supper, where she initially thought he was a ghost, due to his pale skin. After Sinew told her that it was Twig who had saved Gristle, she got up onto a bench and announced Twig's presence and what he had done, calling for everyone to welcome him to the village.[1]


Gram-Tatum was not her real name, instead being an informal name used by her grandchildren. This practice was commonly used by slaughterers. It was simply comprised of Gram- and the individual's surname, in this case, Tatum. This was also used for mothers, with Gram- being replaced by Ma-.

In 60 ᴇ.ʏ., Ma-Tatum, Keris Verginix's grandmother, was referred to as her Gram-Tatum.[2]


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