The Great Convocation of Banderbears as seen from above

The Great Convocation of Banderbears was the one time at which all the banderbears of the Deepwoods would congregate together. It secretly happened at the Valley of a Thousand Echoes. Normally banderbears were solitary because large groups attracted predators.

Rook Barkwater chose the gathering as the subject for his treatise, An Eyewitness Account of the Mythical Great Convocation of Banderbears. He witnessed the convocation by following Wumeru. He hung onto a branch and took notes in his treatise log. However, his hand slipped an the log fell out. Rook tried to grasp it but was caught when he fell off. As it was forbidden for non-banderbears to witness the congregation, Rook was in massive trouble. Most of the banderbears agreed to kill him. Fortunately, Wuralo begged for his life to be spared, and he was accepted as a friend of banderbears.

Known Attendees

Named Banderbears

Unnamed Banderbears