Phraxfleet losses

Great Glade's troop transport phraxships being shot down by the Hive Militia's phraxcannonry during the Battle of the Midwood Marshes

The Great Glade Phraxfleet was a fleet of phraxships from Great Glade.

The Archemax was part of this fleet until it was released for Ifflix Hentadile's expedition to the Edge. When it returned, it was taken in for repairs, presumably so it could rejoin the phraxfleet. Its captain, Cirrus Gladehawk, stole it back from the phraxshipyard.

In The Immortals, the Great Glade Phraxfleet arrived to help in the Battle of the Midwood Marshes. This forced the Hive Militia to change strategy. Instead of destroying the stockade wall that protected the town and sending in the Bloody Blades, the Hive Militia had to commit to a battle with a larger enemy force, which they lost due to bad military tactics, incompetent leadership, and insufficient firepower. After attempting to destroy the Great Glade Phraxfleet, which was airlifting in reinforcements from the Great Glade Militia, the Hive Militia attempted an infantry charge with "spikes", or primitive bayonets, hoping to overwhelm and destroy the massed Great Glade Militia. However, the superior firepower of the Great Glade Militia all but destroyed the Hive Militia infantry before they reached the Great Glade Militia lines.