Greywaifs were one of the more common varieties of waif found in the Nightwoods. Like all waifs, they possessed the ability to communicate silently via telepathy. They had pale, mottled grey skin and, like ghostwaifs and copperwaifs, had four long, ringed barbels protruding from around their wide, fleshy mouths. They were also larger than most other waifs. During the Second and Third Ages of Flight, there was a large population of them inhabiting Waif Glen in the Free Glades.

Vilnix Pompolnius was raised by a drunken greywaif, living in the sewers of Undertown. He taught Vilnix to pick locks and pockets almost as soon as he could walk.

During the Last of the Sky Pirates, Rook mistook Partifule, a nightwaif, for a greywaif, causing him to explain the differences between the species.

Notable Greywaifs