Grim and Grem were a pair of cloddertrog twins who served as fighters aboard the Galerider before Sagbutt.[1][2]

Role in Cloud Wolf

After surviving a bank of turbulent-fog, Grim and Grem repositioned the Galerider's sky-harpoon. During the Battle of the Great Sky Whale, once the Galerider came alongside the Great Sky Whale, the cloddertrog twins were part of the advance boarding party. On the ship's poop-deck, they fought back to back, surrounded by ferocious hammerhead guards; unfortunately, they lost their lives in the process.[1][3]

Role in Clash of the Sky Galleons

At the Tarry Vine Tavern in Undertown, Wind Jackal told his son about Turbot Smeal's betrayals and the sky battle against leaguesman Purlis Havelock, captain of the Forger of Triumph, which was a slave ship. While recounting the battle to Quint, he mentioned Grim and Grem's actions—throwing themselves into battle valiantly, coming out bloodied but victorious in the end.[2]


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