A gyle goblin


Three gyle goblins carrying a basket of gourds

Gyle goblins, sometimes spelled gyle-goblins, were a variety of goblins with a short, scrawny stature and a bulbous nose. Gyle goblins usually lived in Deepwoods colonies, where they gathered fruits and delivered them to their Grossmothers. Undesirable fruits were given to the spindlebugs living beneath the colony, who, in turn, tended to milchgrubs grazing in their pink fungus beds, milked them, and gave the milchgrub honey to the Grossmother. The Grossmother then cooked the honey into a substance which she fed to the gyle goblins, and the cycle repeated itself. They reacted violently to any contamination and would depose of their Grossmother without hesitation. Later, there were gyle goblin colonies in Hive and the grossmothers were part of the Clan Chiefs. In the Third Age of Flight, a subspecies called Bark Gyles lived in Riverrise.

Notable Gyle Goblins