Hemtuft Battleaxe.

"...If we attack the Free Glades and enslave them, then never again will goblins have to be sent to work in the foundries. Slavegladers will go in their stead!"
-Hemtuft Battleaxe

Hemtuft Battleaxe was a Long-Haired Goblin and the head of the Clan Chiefs of the Goblin Nations. He owned a cloak of feathers, each one plucked individually from a shryke sister.

Hemtuft Battleaxe supplied citizens of the Goblin Nations to Hemuel Spume for use as slaves in the Foundry Glades, and fought against the Free Glades in a great war. Eventually, his people rose up against him, and he was toppled from power and executed.


More than five hundred years later, the Hive clan chief head, Kulltuft Warhammer, owned Hemtuft Battleaxe's skull. He often rubbed his feet on it to feel Hemtuft's "power". Later on, in a fit of rage, he kicked Hemtuft's skull, and it cracked in two against the wall.