"Get me Varis Lodd!"
—Hemuel Spume

Hemuel Maccabee Spume was the evil founder and Foundry Master of the Foundry Glades. Once an ambitious young Leaguesman in Undertown, he surprised many of his colleagues by giving up his position in the Leagues and moving to the Deepwoods, where he established the Foundry Glades with a single furnace selling pots and pans to travelers. He was vindicated when the shrykes of the Eastern Roost took over the Great Mire Road and imposed incredibly heavy duties on all goods coming from Undertown; Deepwooders looking for affordable manufactured goods were now forced to buy from his Foundry Glades instead. Spume began building up his operation, assisted by investments from Amberfuce; he enslaved thousands of goblins from the Goblin Nations to run his furnaces and foundries.

After Amberfuce arrived from Undertown, bringing Vox Verlix's plans for the Glade-Eaters, Spume decided that he would use his new weapons to conquer the Free Glades and enslave every Freeglader. The Goblin Nations joined him in hopes of ending the enslavement of their own people in favor of the enslavement of the Free Glades. In the War for the Free Glades, Spume personally rode the lead Glade-Eater into battle. Despite initial successes, the tide of battle eventually turned against Spume. When the driver of his Glade-Eater was hit and killed, the Glade-Eater went out of control and plunged into North Lake, killing the Foundry Master.

Hemuel Spume had a son, Lentil Spume, who invented phraxfire globes. Xanth Filatine reverse-engineered one of these grenades to create the first phraxchamber, ushering in the Third Age of Flight.