"It's what I always wanted. A dream come true, Vox, my loverly. You, my sweetness, all to myself."
—Hestera Spikesap

Hestera Spikesap was an assistant to Vox Verlix. An enthusiastic poisoner, Hestera invented numerous potions and cordials for the purpose of creating certain illnesses. She also created the drink "Oblivion", and supplied the fuel for Vox's Baby. She harbored an unnatural infatuation with her master and kept slaves she bought at auctions to do dangerous work. These included Birdwhistle, Gizzlewit, Jaspel, Huffknot and Rook Barkwater.

At the end of Vox, she held Vox back in the Palace of Statues and poisoned him. She then remained in the Palace until it came crumbling down in the Dark Maelstrom.