Hogmutt was a flat-head goblin, and the old sparring partner of Galerider harpooner, Steg Jambles[1]. He served as a sky pirate aboard the Fogscythe, and fought at the Battle of the Great Sky Whale.

During the battle, he boarded the Great Sky Whale with Steg Jambles, Quint Verginix, and an unnamed brogtroll from the Windspinner, in order to plunder the leagues sky ship's treasure room. Hogmutt tried to break down the door but was unsuccessful[2]. Soon after entering the treasure room, he and his comrades were captured by High Leaguesmaster Marl Mankroyd and his hammerhead guards. However, Steg managed to untie Hogmutt, who was then able to take a sword from one of the unconscious goblins[3].


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