Hubble was an albino banderbear who served on the Mireraider, the Galerider, and the Stormchaser.

Role in the Quint trilogy

Quint encountered Hubble serving Thaw Daggerslash, and Wind Jackal took both of them and their sky barge aboard the Galerider, where he served as a crew member. When Wind Jackal was killed by Thaw, disguised as Turbot Smeal, Quint became captain, and Hubble joined his crew.

Role in the Twig trilogy

Hubble was still serving Quint (now the sky pirate captain, Cloud Wolf) when his captain's son, Twig, reunited with him. He accompanied them on their stormchasing expedition, and, when Mugbutt and Slyvo Spleethe mutinied, helped Cloud Wolf defeat them. He suffered deadly injuries while abandoning ship, but did not die from them until he had left the Twilight Woods. Screed Toe-Taker took his toes during their journey through the Mire.