"Finish this...for ever!"

-Ifflix Hentadile

Ifflix Hentadile was the younger brother of Ambris Hentadile and a descender. He persuaded Quove Lentis to fund an expedition to the Edge, and left aboard the Archemax with Cirrus Gladehawk, Lendil Spix, Trapper Sluice, and Centix Thripp. Upon arriving at the Edge, Cirrus Gladehawk promised to wait for six weeks, and Ifflix and his three companions began their descent.

Lendil Spix, and Trapper Sluice perished on the way down the side of the Edge cliff. Ifflix and Centix made it to the bottom of the Fluted Decline, but Centix went mad and killed himself on the way back up. Ifflix managed to return, the sole survivor of the descent, but Cirrus Gladehawk had long since left, as Ifflix had been gone for far longer than six weeks. Upon arriving in the Stone Gardens, Ifflix collapsed with exhaustion, and was taken in by a mysterious group of Sanctaphrax academics.

Ifflix soon realized that the academics were in fact gloamglozers, and hid in the Great Library of Sanctaphrax. When Nate Quarter and his friends arrived at Sanctaphrax, Ifflix was reunited with his brother, Ambris. Ifflix described his descent to Ambris, and took him through the Stonecomb into the Ancient Laboratory.

When the two of them arrived in the vast chamber, a concealed gloamglozer threw a shard of glass at Ifflix, and speared him through the chest. Ifflix's last request to Ambris was that he destroy the Ancient Laboratory with his phraxpistol.[1]


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