Keris Barkwater (née Verginix) was the daughter of Twig and Sinew Tatum, the wife of Shem Barkwater, and the mother of Rook.

Role in the The Slaughterer's Quest

Sinew died shortly after giving birth to Keris and Twig set off for on a search for his crew afterwards, she was cared for by her uncle Gristle.[1] At an early age, she went on a quest to find out what happened to her missing father. On her quest, she was in the company of a group of webfoot goblins who took her to the Four Lakes. At the lakes, she talked to the Great Blueshell Clam. After meeting the clam, she went to the Free Glades, where she met and married Shem Barkwater and they gave birth to Rook.

She and her husband were killed by slavers when they and Rook were travelling to a slaughterer village. When she died, a banderbear looked after Rook.

Importance of Keris

Keris was a hero for the webfoot goblins because she had seeded the Great Blueshell Clam of the Free Glades with clamdust. Every webfoot in the Third Age of Flight knew that an Ancient One had chosen her because it happened very rarely that Great Blueshell Clams grew for themselves. Phineal Glyfphith in Weird New Worlds named his phraxmarine after her.

Behind the Scenes

Keris Time Lapse

Keris Time Lapse

Chris Riddell draws Keris


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