The Knights Academy was one of the seven major schools of Sanctaphrax. It was here where one was trained to become a Knight Academic or an Academic-at-Arms.

The process of graduating the Knights Academy was long and involved passing four halls: Storm Cloud, White Cloud, Grey Cloud and High Cloud. After this training, the apprentices would graduate to more specialised forms of study. Some would be selected to defend Sancatphrax as Academics-at-Arms, and others would move to the Upper Halls.

The Hall of Storm Cloud

In this hall, squires learned the art of sky-sailing. Each squire would have to construct an accurate model sky ship and successfully sail it through an artificial storm. In 15 ᴇ.ʏ., The hall master was Arboretum Sicklebough.

The Hall of White Cloud

In this hall the squires learned of their armour and equipment. They studied every minor detail of their gear, so that no mistakes would be made on their voyage. In 15 ᴇ.ʏ., the hall master was the great knight Philius Embertine who completed not one, but two stormchasing voyages.

The Hall of Grey Cloud

In this hall squires were taught the husbandry of prowlgrins. Each squire would be given a prowlgrin pup and tasked with successfully training and raising it. The hall master was Fenviel Vendix in 15 ᴇ.ʏ..

The Hall of High Cloud

In this hall squires were taught the Sky-Scholarship of stormchasing and the weather. The students would calculate cloud formations and storms. The hall master was Hax Vostillix in 15 and 16 ᴇ.ʏ..

The Upper Halls

Only the brightest, most able apprentices would make it to the Upper Halls. From there, they would either continue their preparation to become Knights Academic, or would train to be Apprentice High Professors.

ImageMap of the Knights Academy

Academy BarracksHall of High CloudDormitory ClosetsInner CourtyardWest WallHall of Grey CloudGates of HumilityTilt TreesThirteen TowersHall of White CloudGantry TowerHall of Storm CloudUpper HallsCloudslayerEightwaysCentral StaircaseHall of High CloudGantry TowerAcademics-at-ArmsKnights AcademicThirteen TowersThirteen TowersThirteen TowersThirteen TowersThirteen TowersTilt TreesEdge-chronicles-map-knights-academy
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