"You have the Mace of Hive, but I have the Militia of Hive!"

-Kulltuft Warhammer

Kulltuft Warhammer was the long-haired goblin representative of the Hive Goblin Council, and the high chief of the city.


Kulltuft Warhammer owned the ancient skull of Hemtuft Battleaxe, and would often rub his feet upon it to feel the "power" of Hemtuft. He also owned the Hive Militia and a dreadful bunch of elite long-haired goblin soldiers called the Bloody Blades.

His main goal was to bring Great Glade to its knees. He drastically changed the allocation of the resources within Hive. All stormphrax, sumpwood, and most of the food was now used for the construction and supply of war machines, weapons, and soldiers. This left the rest of Hive in great despair.

After Kulltuft killed a Goblin Council member, Leegwelt the Mottled, he declared war against Great Glade and attacked the Midwood Decks. There he suffered a great defeat in the Battle of the Midwood Marshes against the Great Glade Militia. This defeat was the beginning of the end of his reign of terror.

Kulltuft was killed when his chief guard, Firemane Clawhand, beheaded him with his battleaxe after the Militia had shaven off most of Firemane's hair.


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In Weird New Worlds, Forden Drew's nameless one was named after Kulltuft Warhammer.