The Leagues' Chamber was the meeting place for the League of Free Merchants during the First Age of Flight, located on the top floor of the Palace of the Leagues. It had a ring-shaped table in the middle of the room, a swivel stool in its centre hole for interrogations. It's roof was a glass dome.

Role in Clash of the Sky Galleons

Soon before the Battle of the Bringer of Doom, the master leaguesmen meet in the Leagues' Chamber to discuss their purging of Undertown's taverns, such as the Sky's Rest and the Tarry Vine, as well as their plans to attack Wilderness Lair. Those present included Ruptus Pentephraxis, Imbix Hoth, Padget Pyreglave, Renton Brankridge, Ellerex Earthclay, and Rustus Xintax.[2]

Role in Stormchaser

Cloud Wolf's quartermaster, Slyvo Spleethe, sold his captain and crew out to the Leagues of Undertown, in order to acquire his own sky ship and league status. The master leaguesmen interrogated him in the Leagues' Chamber; they asked him whether he was trustworthy (yes), if the Stormchaser was sky worthy (no), if he'd be willing to kill a fellow crew-member (yes), and if he would swear allegiance to them (yes). He also convinced them to grant him the rank of High Leaguesmaster should he succeed in his planned mutiny, as well as threatened their lives should they attempt to cheat him. Those present included Simenon Xintax, Leandus Leadbelly, Farquhar Armwright, and Ellerex Earthclay.[1]

Role in Midnight Over Sanctaphrax

Following the destruction of the Edgedancer in the Mother Storm, the Edgedancer's rudder-wheel went flying through the roof of the Leagues' Chamber, killing Simenon Xintax, Farquhar Armwright, and Cowlquape Pentephraxis's father, Ulbus Pentephraxis.[3][4]

Role in Vox

After the collapse of the Leagues of Undertown, the Palace of the Leagues was seized by Vox Verlix, who shut himself inside, surrounding himself with traps to keep him safe from his numerous enemies. He used the Leagues' Chamber to construct and prepare his Baby. Rook Barkwater fed the contraption successfully, but accidentally set it off later on, accidentally triggering the Dark Maelstrom.[5][6][7]

Vox Verlix was killed by Hestera Spikesap and the storm in the Leagues' Chamber, which was subsequently destroyed[1].


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