Lembit Flodd was a tufted goblin cargo-handler who worked in the Ledges district of Great Glade, where he lived with his wife and three children.[1]

Role in The Nameless One

Thadeus Quarter knew that because of the close relationship with his brother Nate, both he and his son, Cade, were seen as a threat by Quove Lentis and thus in danger of being murdered. To protect his son he sent Cade to his old friend Lembit Flodd. Lembit welcomed him warmly in their tumbledown house, Lembit's wife making charlock tea. The next day, Lembit heard the news of Thadeus' murder and that Quove Lentis' guards were searching the streets for Cade. Cade, not wanting to put Lembit's family in danger, decided to leave and become a forlorn hoper.[1]


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