Lentil Spume was an industrialist who lived towards the end of the Second Age of Flight. The son of Foundry Master Hemuel Spume, Lentil sought revenge for his father's death in the War for the Free Glades and discovered how to manipulate Stormphrax to create explosive Phraxfire Globes. Though he seriously disfigured his face in the process, around 102 ᴇ.ʏ. Spume enlisted goblin mercenaries and numerous Nameless Ones to create the Phrax Glade in preparation for an attack on the Free Glades. Spume's activities were discovered by a troop of Freeglade Lancers and he was killed by a force led by Rook Barkwater at the Battle of the Phrax Glade.


Early Life

Lentil Spume was the son of Hemuel Spume, an ambitious Leaguesman who established the Foundry Glades in the Deepwoods during the Second Age of Flight. After Stone-Sickness struck and all trade had to move overland rather than by Sky Ships, the Foundry Glades grew into a vast manufacturing centre, heavily dependent on slave labour. Lentil Spume came to share many of his father's ideals, believing in the rule of the strong and the right of the rich to exploit the poor.

In an effort to claim more slaves for the Foundry Glades, in 88 ᴇ.ʏ. Hemuel Spume formed an alliance with the Goblin Nations and attacked the Free Glades with Goblin armies and immense armoured vehicles known as Glade-Eaters. However, the attack ended in failure, and Hemuel was killed in the War for the Free Glades and the Foundry Glades were abandoned. Enraged, Lentil came to despise the Freegladers and became determined to avenge his father's death.

Discovery of Phraxfire

Spume discovered how to manipulate the explosive properties of Stormphrax to release large amounts of energy. Spume was severely disfigured in the course of his work, but succeeded in creating the Phraxfire Globes—small metal spheres that could create a highly-destructive explosion. Establishing himself at a single foundry in the Phrax Glade, an isolated clearing near the border of the Deepwoods and the Twilight Woods, Spume formed an alliance with the Red Dwarf Squive, the Shryke Sister Blackbeak, and a tribe of feral Hammerhead Goblins. He provided the Hammerheads with Phraxfire in exchange for plunder from the villages they raided, while Sister Blackbeak and Squive enslaved Death-Cheaters and Nameless Ones to build up and defend the Phrax Glade, hauling large amounts of scrap metal from the Foundry Glades to develop a new industry.


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