The Librarians Academic, more commonly referred to as simply, "The Librarians", were a group of Earth-Scholars and Sky-Scholars who broke away from the Guardians of Night when their evil schemes became too outrageous. Originally, when they were cast out of New Sanctaphrax, the librarians settled in the Chantry Palace, but the Guardians, Goblins, and Shrykes all wished to destroy the Librarians outright, and so they were eventually forced to hide in the sewers of Undertown, which they converted into the Great Storm Chamber Library. Later on, the Librarians relocated to the Free Glades, along with the citizens of Undertown, the Armada of the Dead, and the Ghosts of Screetown, in the Third Great Migration, to escape the Dark Maelstrom created by Vox Verlix. In the Free Glades, the Librarians created a new Great Library, the Great Library of the Free Glades.

Social Hierarchy


Fenbrus Lodd

The Librarians' leaders were the High Librarian Fenbrus Lodd, Ulbus Vespius, Tallus Penitax, who were the Council of Three, Cowlquape Pentephraxis, the Most High Academe, and Parsimmon, the High Master of Lake Landing Academy. The Librarians were dedicated to learning the secrets of the Deepwoods, believing the cure to stone sickness would come from the forest. They routinely elected three youngsters as Librarian Knights and sent them to the Free Glades to begin their training.

Under-Librarians were lower-ranking Librarians who tended to the Great Storm Chamber Library, however, did not have permission to read any of the material stored there.

Known Librarians