Name Position/occupation/ other names First Appearance Species Antagonist to Notable Abilities
Bagswill Treasury Guard Curse of the Gloamglozer Flathead Goblin Quint, Linius Pallitax Exceptional memory
Seftus Leprix Dean of the School of Mist Fourthling Manipulation
Gloamglozer N/A Gloamglozer The Edgeworld Advanced manipulation
Hax Vostillix Hall Master of High Cloud The Winter Knights Fourthling Earth scholars Rabble rousing
Vilnix Pompolnius Squire of the Knights Academy, Raintaster, Most High Academe Quint, The Professors of Light and Darkness Rabble rousing, manipulation
Daxiel Xaxis Leader of the Gatekeepers Academics in general Strength and Cruelty
Heft Vespius Leaguesman Contact with thugs
Turbot Smeal Quartermaster Clash of the Sky Galleons Wind Jackal and his family Evil scheming, economic know-how
Thaw Daggerslash Sky Pirate Wind Jackal Evil scheming and deception
Imbix Hoth Leaguesmaster Sky Pirates in general Violence and intelligence
Ruptus Pentephraxis High Leaguesmaster
Mag N/A Beyond the Deepwoods Termagant Trog Twig Physical Strength
Slyvo Spleethe Quartermaster Fourthling Cloud Wolf Bargaining and causing mutiny
Mugbutt Sky Pirate Flathead Goblin Strength and fighting ability
Slitch N/A Stormchaser Gnokgoblin N/A
Screedius Tollinix Knights Academic and Mire Guide Fourthling Mire travellers Trickery and fighting ability
Simenon Xintax Leaguesmaster Stormchasers Clever and Evil scheming
Thunderbolt Vulpoon Sky Pirate Captain and Slave trader Midnight Over Sanctaphrax Twig, Cowlquapeand other slaves N/A
Vox Verlix Apprentice Cloudwatcher, Most High Academe Everyone Extremely high intelligence
Mother Muleclaw I Roost-Mother Shryke Twig and Cowlquape Power over the shryke army
Orbix Xaxis Most High Guardian of Night The Last of the Sky Pirates Fourthling Vox and Librarians Ruthlessness and torture
Hemuel Spume Leaguesman, High Master of Foundry Glades Citizens of Goblin Nations and Freeglades Enslaving
Mollus Leddix Guardian of Night, cage master and executioner Vox Xanth Filatine and Librarian Knights Spying
General Tytugg Leader of Goblin Armies and ruler of Undertown Flathead Goblin Vox Verlix Power over the goblin army
Mother Muleclaw II Roost-Mother Shryke Traders on Great Mire Road Power over the shryke army
Amberfuce Chancellor to Vox Verlix, business partner of Hemuel Spume Ghostwaif Rook, sky pirates, citizens of the Freeglades Manipulation and extremely strong mind powers
Quillet Pleeme Quartermaster Freeglader Fourthling N/A N/A
Mother Muleclaw III Roost Mother Shryke The Undertowners Strength and viciousness
Hemtuft Battleaxe Clan Chief Long-Haired Goblin Freegladers Access to armies of Goblins
Lytugg Hammerhead Goblin
Meegmewl the Grey Lop-Eared Goblin
Rootrott Underbiter Underbiter Goblin
Grossmother Nectarsweet Gyle Goblin
Grint Grayle Mine sergeant The Immortals Fourthling Abe Quarter and Nate Quarter Access to Hammerhead warriors
Quove Lentis High Professor of Flight Descenders Intelligence
Branxford Drew Thousandsticks player Nate Quarter and Friston Drew Cruelty
Felftis Brack Clerk Fourthling/Webfoot goblin Galston Prade Deception
Kulltuft Warhammer Clan Chief of Hive Long hair Goblin Great Glade Violence
Golderayce One-Eye Custodian General of Riverrise Copperwaif Citizens of Riverrise Cruelty
Drax Adereth Gangmaster of the Xanth Filatine The Nameless One Fourthling Forlorn Hopers, enemies of the Most High Academe Cruelty and Skill with a blowpipe
Merton Hoist Mire-Pearler Doombringer Fourthling Webfoot Goblin, Farrow Lakers Voilence and access to phraxweaponry
Felicia Adereth Personal bodyguard to Quove Lentis The Descenders Fourthling Descenders Combat proficiency
Danton Clore Tallow-hat Fourthling Citizens of New Sanctaphrax Ambition
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