Twig, perched in a lullabee tree

Lullabees were trees found in groves in the Deepwoods. Knobbly and irregular, lullabee trees grew in a haphazard but extremely robust manner. Their leaves glowed with a turquoise light, and lullabee groves were thus bathed in eerie colours and shadows. The leaves also emitted a gentle hum, almost like a song. Glisters were attracted to the groves, where they wove caterbird cocoons and fed on the leaves. Lullabees are also buoyant when set aflame.


Lullabees had no blossom or fruit. When lightning struck the trees, the force of the blast would cause their seeds to scatter, leaving behind hollows. Because rainwater often accumulated in these hollows, they were known as "drinking troughs".


  • Using the effects of forest fires it not unusual in our world as well. Sequoia trees in North America rely on forest fires because they can then release their seeds which can grow on fresh earth without competitors.[1]