"I have three older brothers. I've had to learn how to hold my own."
—Magda Burlix

Magda Barkwater (née Burlix) was a Librarian Knight alongside Rook Barkwater and Stob Lummus. Tall, with piercing green eyes and plaited hair, Magda formed very close friendships with both Xanth Filatine and Rook, the latter of whom she later married.

Role in The Last of the Sky Pirates

During the events of The Last of the Sky Pirates, Magda, along with Rook and Stob, journeyed from Undertown to the Free Glades and trained together as Librarian Knights. After completing her training as a Librarian Knight, she set off into the Deepwoods to write her treatise; The Iridescence of Midnight Woodmoth Wings.

Role in Vox

In Vox, Magda heard of Rook's crash above Screetown while flying the Stormhornet, and that he was listed as missing. Many Librarians assumed he was dead, but Magda refused to give up hope, and set off in search of him around Undertown and Screetown. While searching, she
Magda Burlix

Magda hearing about Rook's fate

was captured by the Guardians of Night. Xanth was given the task of interrogating her, and despite his continued affections for his old friend had no choice but to give her the same brutal treatment as any other prisoner. Magda was then thrown into the cell that once contained Cowlquape Pentephraxis.

Orbix Xaxis planned to use her as part of his plans for disposing of the Librarians once and for all. Xanth relented and attempted to smuggle her to safety, but they were captured by Mollus Leddix near the Sanctaphrax Forest.

Magda and Xanth were then lowered into the Rock Demons Ravine, escaping through the tunnel the Guardians had dug and drawing the Rock Demons into the sewers. They managed to meet up with the Librarians as they fled the devastation caused by the Dark Maelstrom.

Role in Freeglader

During Freeglader, Magda's skycraft, the Woodmoth, was shot down over The Eastern Roost by shrykes and crash-landed in the Deepwoods. She was presumed dead, though she eventually made it back to the Free Glades, arriving just in time to vouch for Xanth at his Reckoning. Magda later fought in the War for the Free Glades, trying to defend the Great Library.

After the Rook Trilogy

Years later, Rook and Magda married and had five children. They lived happily together for many years. Magda died one year before Xanth Filatine.