Merton Hoist was a Mire Pearler who lived in the Third Age of Flight.

Role in the Cade Saga

He met Cade when he was in the Farrow Ridges when he was chopping wood. When Cade first met him he was very awkward but Merton told him he was unarmed, but under his cloak, Cade was sure he saw an musket with a Mire-pearl on it. Soon Cade found out that his friend Tug was missing. His friends suspected that Merton Hoist had captured him, so Cade and Phineal went to search for the boat in a Second Age of Flight vessel: The Caterbird. They found him and Tug and Merton tried to shoot his phraxmusket at them, but he missed. Phineal managed to throw a knife at Merton and he lost control of the gears. The friends did manage to get Tug before Merton and the ship went tumbling down. Tug was okay, but quite groggy.