Mire-pearls were organic gemstones taken from Mire-Clams. They were used for jewellery and decoration and gathered by the Mire Pearlers.


First Age of Flight

In the First Age of Flight mire pearls were rare and expensive. Only very few people possessed these items. In Doombringer, Celestia Helmstoft had a necklace that was handed down her family from the First Age of Flight.

Second Age of Flight

Mire-pearls were used for decoration, but were rare.

Third Age of Flight

In the Third Age of Flight, mire-pearls were massively used for decorating for example wealthy Great Gladers' purses. Mire Pearlers profited from the demand and exploited many areas of the Deepwoods. The Four Lakes were scavenged and the nature paradise destroyed. In the Cade Saga and Weird New Worlds, the search for mire-pearls threatened to destroy Five Falls and the Farrow Lake at the Farrow Ridges.