"So this is where you hide when you're not toadying up to the High Master."
-Mollus Leddix

Mollus Leddix was a Guardian of Night and Orbix Xaxis's official cage-master and executioner. He operated the Ceremonial Cage, lowering Librarian Knights into the Rock-Demons' Ravine.

Role in Vox

Leddix was extremely resentful of Orbix Xaxis's preferential treatment of Xanth Filatine, and eagerly seized on and propagated the rumors that Xanth had developed Librarian sympathies while spying for the Guardians in the Free Glades. Leddix's suspicions were confirmed when he caught Xanth trying to smuggle Magda Burlix out of New Sanctaphrax and take her to safety. Leddix captured the pair and brought them back up to the Tower of Night.

Mollus Leddix was killed during the Dark Maelstrom. Before escaping, Xanth had sabotaged Midnight's Spike, rendering Leddix unable to raise the spike and prepare the tower for the lightning to strike. When Leddix could not raise the spike, Orbix seized him and threw him bodily from the top of the Tower of Night, sending him plummeting to his death.