Multinius Gobtrax was a leaguesman from the League of Plankers and Beamers[1] and sky ship captain of the Reaper of Plenty with a notoriously brutal and cruel nature. Quint and Maris signed on with him as crew after they left Sanctaphrax. It was on his ship that Maris gave birth to Twig. The baby had to be abandoned in a woodtroll village because Multinius Gobtrax was unwilling to travel with him.

Role in The Sky Chart

Multinius Gobtrax made Quint and Maugin an offer to sign up on his ship, the Reaper of Plenty[2]. He negotiated a single voyage and agreed to take Maris on board as well in return for refitting the Stormchaser. His plan all along had been to make the voyage a single endless voyage, chartering the location of sumpwood trees. Having heard of them from a captured shryke, he wanted to establish a monopoly on the demand on timber by auctioning off the locations.[1].


Gobtrax was notoriously brutal and cruel and mean to his crew. He was lazy and enjoyed to have other people work for him. He suffered from multiple imaginary ailments which he demanded to be treated and was deeply superstitious.


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