"Legend has it that the great sky pirate captain, Twig, was friend to the Banderbears. Tell him, Nate, that this old sky pirate is deeply honoured to be his friend."
-Squall Razortooth

Neb Sawtooth, usually known by his sky-pirate name Squall Razortooth, was a Third Age sky pirate.


Before The Immortals

Neb Sawtooth originally came to Great Glade from a distant Deepwoods village, intending to become a phraxship pilot. He proved himself to have exceptional skill at Cloud Quarter, but was expelled for brawling.

Determined to return to the skies someday, the young Neb Sawtooth worked in East Glade until he had enough money and stormphrax to construct and pilot an illegal Phraxlaunch, which he named the Gladedancer. He created a hideout in Northern Outer City and started up an illicit trade. In the fashion of the First Age of Flight, Neb Sawtooth gave himself a sky pirate name: Captain Squall Razortooth. He then bought passage aboard a skytavern to visit the village where he grew up, so he could show his old friends and family how successful he had become. To his dismay, however, Squall Razortooth discovered that, like many other remote Deepwoods villages, the residents had mysteriously vanished.

On the way back to Great Glade, crooked gamblers tricked Squall Razortooth out of all the money he had left. Fortunately, Ambris Hentadile took pity on the disconsolate, penniless sky pirate, and paid for his food and drink for the remainder of the voyage. After returning to Great Glade, Squall Razortooth spent many years saving up more money and taking care of the Gladedancer.

Squall owned the Tarry Vine Tavern's table, a relic from the First Age of Flight, and kept it at his house. He bought it from an old shryke in New Undertown for 20 fromp pelts and a quart of woodgrog.[1]

Role in The Immortals

To repay his debt to Ambris Hentadile, Squall Razortooth helped him escape Great Glade with Nate Quarter, Eudoxia Prade, Slip, and Weelum. His phraxlighter crashed over the Deepwoods and the group had to continue their way by foot[2]. Squall's knowledge of old sky pirate practices combined with Weelum's natural skills greatly faciliated the trip.

After The Immortals

Squall and Weelum, having become inseperable, decided to join Cirrus Gladehawk and Galston Prade who planned on opening the Archemax Yard in Great Glade.[3]


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