New Sanctaphrax was the city that replaced Old Sanctaphrax in the Second Age of Flight after its anchor chain was cut and it disappeared into Open Sky. Stone sickness struck the Edge soon after its establishment and the Sanctaphrax Forest had to be built to keep it from sinking to the ground.

New Sanctaphrax Rock

The rock that New Sanctaphrax was built upon began life (like all flight rocks do) in the Stone Gardens. When the Mother Storm passed over the region a small amount of energy in the form of a blue lightning bolt struck the rock, causing it to grow rapidly and to an abnormally large size. It was swiftly harvested and a new anchor chain was affixed to it, while far above the constuction of New Sanctaphrax began. Disaster struck two years later when in 39 ᴇ.ʏ. stone sickness blighted the Edge. The rock began to lose buoyancy and a large portion of the southern side crumbled away, crushing and burying the area of Undertown which lay beneath it. The Edge was in panic until Vox Verlix put forward the idea that a network of scaffolding could be constructed beneath the rock to keep it airborne. This network became known as the Sanctaphrax Forest.


New Sactaphrax was first ruled by Cowlquape Pentephraxis who was chosen as successor to the Professor of Darkness, the last High Academe of Old Sanctaphrax. However, power was seized by Vox Verlix who assumed the role of High Academe, stealing the ancient Great Seal of Office from Cowlquape, who became a prisoner in the newly-constructed Tower of Night. The Guardians of Night led by Orbix Xaxis later overthrew Vox, taking control over New Sanctaphrax.


Although it was usually described as a city, New Sanctaphrax had only one building: the sinister and imposing Tower of Night. Presumably, if Cowlquape had not been otherthrown, New Sanctaphrax would have gone on to become a proper city, like its predecessor.

Destruction of the City

The Tower of Night was destroyed by the Dark Maelstrom. Eventually, the New Sanctaphrax rock crumbled away to nothing after the abandonment of the city of Undertown during the Second Great Migration[1].


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