Oakelves were a type of elf. They had extraordinary vision and a special relationship with caterbird cocoons. An organisation of oakelves known as the Oakelf Brotherhood lived on Lullabee Island in the Free Glades


Spillins, an oakelf, in his caterbird cocoon atop the mast of the Galerider



Oakelves were small; an adult oakelf stood at roughly half, or less, of the height of an adult fourthling. Their skin was knobbly and rough and their eyes were completely black. 

Vision Related

Oakelves could see extremely well; they were able to see tiny things at great distances. They could accurately estimate the distance to far off object in strides, and when moving they could accurately estimate the amount of time until they reached something in the distance. Oakelves also had the unique ability to see a person’s “aura” in the form of a colourful cloud around them. A person’s aura could be different shades of different colours from blue to green to red, and someone’s aura indicated things about their state of mind. Oakelves were also able to read the signs in the behaviour of others very well. For example, Spooler was able to determine the way to the Wig-Wig Arena in the Great Shryke Slave Market by looking for bloodlust in the faces of the crowd.


Native Homes

The native homes of oakelves were small, secretive clans in the Deepwoods. They often lived in lullabee groves. After an oakelf found an uninhabited caterbird cocoon and cut it down, as was their right, then they could take it and leave their clan to seek their fortune in the outside world.

The Outside World

Oakelves could choose a few different paths when they went to seek their fortune. Some hung up their cocoon in a remote, uninhabited place and honed their inner skills like fortune-telling by observing the auras of those who sought them out. Some hung up their cocoon near a village or settlement, particularly those of woodtrolls, and offered the inhabitants wisdom and insight. The most adventurous oakelves put their cocoon atop the mast of a sky ship and acted as highly valued lookouts thanks to their extraordinary vision. No matter what path they chose, oakelves who slept in caterbird cocoons dreamed the special dreams of caterbirds.

Funeral Customs

Oakelf funeral tradition demanded that dead oakelves be buried deep within the roots of lullabee trees.

Notable Oakelves