Oakshank was a fourthling with woodtroll and slaughterer ancestry who was drafted into the Hive Militia.

Role in The Immortals

Oakshank was a sky ship builder from Hive. He supported Kulltuft Warhammer's plans to overthrow the old council, believing that Hive was treated unfairly by Great Glade and that the conflict needed to be solved with violence, if necessary. But when all the phraxcrystals were confiscated by Kulltuft Warhammer and his Bloody Blades for the creation of phrax weapons, he lost his job.

Because he couldn't afford the necessary medicine from the City of Night, his wife died, befallen from the sweating fever, in childbirth.

When the Hive-Great Glade conflict escalated, he was drafted into the Hive Militia, but he didn't even make it to the Battle of the Midwood Marshes and was killed when he fell from a tree.