Old Glory was a phraxship which Nate Quarter and his friends boarded at the Midwood Decks to travel to Hive and find Galston Prade. It was a relatively large trading phraxbarge which carried lufwood timber from the Midwood Decks to Hive.


Old Glory was captained by a woodtroll named Barkscruff[1], a free timbersmith who opposed Hive's importation of lufwood timber and ambitions to annex the Midwood Decks[2]. There were also gnokgoblin, slaughterer and flathead crew members.


Old Glory was a large phraxbarge of the old design. It was over 60 strides long and twenty strides wide, and had a large Phraxchamber suspended by many thick Ironwood struts. At the front was a wheelhouse from which the captain controlled the ship[1]. A slight problem was the skybarnacle encrusted rudder, but these pests make decent 'sky fare'[citation needed].


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