"Hail, the Great Storm!"
—Orbix Xaxis

Orbix Xaxis was the self-proclaimed Most High Guardian of Night and the ruler of New Sanctaphrax and the Tower of Night. He overthrew Vox Verlix and cast the Librarians out of New Sanctaphrax.


Orbix Xaxis was a superstitious hypochondriac. His habits included bathing only at the full moon, never eating tilder meat during a month containing the letter "r" in its name, and constantly wearing a protective muzzle filled with phraxdust in order to purify the air, which, he believed, was filled with what he referred to as a "vile contagion" that was responsible for Stone-Sickness. Furthermore, he believed that the Librarians had infected the flight-rocks by bringing this "contagion" back from the Deepwoods. As a result, he harbored a hatred for the Librarians so great that he slaughtered every Librarian that fell into his clutches. He would place them in a ceremonial sky-cage, lower them into the Rock-Demons' Ravine, and listen to the "song" they made as the Rock-Demons tore them apart.

He also believed, as did all the Guardians of Night, that the cure for stone-sickness lay in the sacred power of Great Storms, and that, when the lightning from a Great Storm struck Midnight's Spike, stone-sickness would be vanquished and the Guardians of Night would conquer the skies and, through this, all of the Edge.


Orbix and spike

Orbix Xaxis assuming the role of Midnight's Spike

When the Dark Maelstrom struck, Orbix Xaxis went up to Midnight's Spike and waited for the lightning to strike. Xanth Filatine had stolen the deadbolt for holding Midnight's Spike in place, so Leddix was unable to keep the Spike up. Orbix Xaxis threw Leddix off the tower in a fit of rage, and as there was no more time to raise the spike, jumped onto the platform to use his own body as a channel for the lightning, and held his arms outstretced waiting for the lightning to strike. When it did, the lightning vaporized him, in addition to killing all of the Guardians and destroying the Tower of Night.[1]


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