The Palace of the Leagues was the residence of the High Leaguesmaster and served as the meeting house for the League of Free Merchants during the First Age of Flight. A tall building covered in statues of former leaguesmen and with a glass-domed ceiling, the master leaguesmen would meet on the Palace's top floor, in the Leagues' Chamber.

The Palace of Statues


The Palace of Statues during the Second Age.

By the time of the Second Age of Flight, the Leagues of Undertown had collapsed, and the Palace of the Leagues became known as the Palace of Statues, because of the multitude of statues of leaguesmen that lined the alcoves and walls of the interior and exterior of the building. Vox Verlix spent his later life holed up in the Palace of Statues—hiding from General Tytugg's goblin mercenaries, the Guardians of Night, and the shrykes of the Eastern Roost—constructing his Baby in secret.


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