"Tell him the time has come, 'not to take from the sky, but to give back.'"
-Philius Embertine

Philius Embertine was a former Knight Academic and the Hall Master of White Cloud in the Knights Academy. He was one of the only Knights Academic known to have successfully returned to Sanctaphrax from the Twilight Woods with stormphrax. He was famous for having completed two successful journeys to the Twilight Woods. He remains the last Knight Academic who returned with stormphrax.

During the Endless Winter, Philius Embertine discovered the solution to the weather crisis in an old barkscroll written by Quode Quanx-Querix. To carry out the plan, Philius Embertine bribed the Treasury Guard to steal some stormphrax for him, but he was caught and imprisoned by Hax Vostillix. In his confinement, Philius Embertine grew ill, and believed that Quint was Screedius Tollinix. He later died.