Diagram of a phraxchamber.

Phraxchambers were large, round, metal engines that used stormphrax crystals to power phraxships during the Third Age of Flight. They were invented by Xanth Filatine, inspired by the dismantled mechamism of one of the Phraxfire Globes designed by Lentil Spume.


On the outside of the phraxchamber were cooling gears and cooling plates, to prevent the mechanism from overheating. Hollow, metal buoyancy rods were fixed in a position between the cooling plates and the explosion chamber, to lighten the weight of the phraxchamber. A phraxlamp shined through perforations in the explosion chamber, causing the phraxcrystal inside to become volatile. A piston pumped up and down, perpetually disturbing the phraxcrystal and creating a continuous series of explosions. The steam was released through the funnel, usually on top of the phraxchamber but sometimes on the sides, while the energy of the explosion was redirected through the lightning coil and out the propulsion duct, creating thrust that kept the phraxship airborne and controllable.