A phraxfire globe displayed in the Academy of Phrax Studies.

Phraxfire Globes were weapons created by Lentil Spume in the Phrax Glade. Small globes filled with stormphrax, phraxfire globes would explode in a blast of white flame when thrown. The technology of phraxfire globes were ultimately used by Xanth Filatine to create the technology that led to the Third Age of Flight.

A phraxfire globe was displayed in the Academy of Phrax Studies with the following description:


The first phrax-explosive device to be used in the Edge. Its inventor, 'the Armourer', developed these globes for use by the enemies of the Free Glades. Subsequently, laboratory work carried out on them by Xanth Filatine, High Master of the Knights Academy[1], ushered in the Third Age of Flight. [2]


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