The typical symptoms of phraxlung

Phraxlung was a disease caused by prolonged inhalation of phraxdust.
Galston being cured

Galston Prade being cured by his daughter, Eudoxia Prade

Cause and symptoms

The dust would settle in the lungs and then eventually work its way in to the bloodstream. Because phraxdust has the property of turning nearly any liquid into water, the victim's blood would gradually become more and more watery until their circulatory systems ceased to function and they drowned.[1]

Sufferers of phraxlung could be distinguished by their unnaturally pale blue eyes, blue lips and the water vapour they expelled with every breath. Many phraxminers, particularly older ones, suffered from this disease. It could be avoided by occasionally taking extended breaks from work in the phraxmines, but many miners were so poor that stopping work was not an option. Galston Prade was a notable sufferer of phraxlung. He developed the disease in his younger days as a phraxminer, and it lingered with him for the rest of his life until Eudoxia Prade cured him with sacred, life-giving water from Riverrise, given to her in a vial by Nate Quarter[2].


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