Nate Quarter holding a phraxmusket on the cover of The Immortals

Phraxmuskets were firearms used in the Third Age of Flight. They were the primary weapon of infantrymen in the Militias of Hive and Great Glade[1]. When the trigger of the weapon was pulled, the phraxdust inside exploded and sent a bullet flying down the barrel of the gun. There was enough phraxdust inside the phraxchamber of the weapon to fire a thousand times or so before it had to be replaced. Phraxmuskets fired heavy leadwood bullets which caused terrible damage to practically any target. Eudoxia Prade was badly wounded by a leadwood bullet from a phraxmusket and nearly died. They weren't cheap- 500 hivers would get you 50 phraxmuskets with ammunition- even though they weren't seen as the finest weapons.[2]


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