The Professor of Windtouchers was the head professor of the Academy of Wind in Sanctaphrax. When the Anchor Chain was severed, the professor was still on the Sanctaphrax rock, and he was lost in Open Sky.


The professor studied in the Academy of Wind for most of his life, and was one of the most senior academics in all of Sanctaphrax at the time of his death.

Over the years, he developed a rivalry with his colleague, the Professor of Cloudwatchers. In 35 ᴇ.ʏ., during the overthrowing of Vilnix Pompolnius, the pair of them spoke out against Vilnix's tyranny.[1]

Cutting of the Anchor Chain

In 36 ᴇ.ʏ., when the Professor of Darkness ordered the evacuation of Sanctaphrax, the Professor of Windtouchers and several others decided to stay in the city, believing it was strong enough to withstand the incoming storm. It is unknown what happened to the professor after the chain was cut, but he would not have been able to survive for long.


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