"So Hermia had a son with that damned upstart, Quarter..."
—Quove Lentis

Quove Lentis was a powerful academic in Great Glade, and the uncle of Nate Quarter. Greedy, vain and self-satisfied, he considered himself and his family to be a cut above the rest. He disowned one of his sisters, Hermia, for marrying Abe Quarter, who in his eyes was a worthless commoner. He also prided himself on being a distant descendant of Vox Verlix, and owned a stone head of the ancient academic taken from the ruins of Undertown.[1] He considered descending heresy.[2]

Role in The Immortals

During the events of The Immortals, Nate paid Quove Lentis a visit upon arriving in Great Glade, believing that his uncle would help him set up his new life in the city[3]. However, Quove had nothing but contempt for the son of his disowned sister. Humiliated and angered by Quove's words, Nate left without requesting anything of his uncle.[1]

Role in the Cade Saga

Role in The Nameless One

Quove Lentis was the Professor of Flight at the School of Flight. Rumour had it that Quove Lentis had an alliance with the waifs of Riverrise who supplied him with the healing water from the Garden of Life.[2] To please them, he considered descending heresy and purged the Academy of Flight of anyone he suspected of supporting the descenders. Thadeus and Cade Quarter, brother and nephew of Nate Quarter were at the top of his list. Quove Lentis was responsible for the murder of Thadeus Quarter and persecuted his son, Cade which led to Cade fleeing Great Glade and becoming a forlorn hoper. Quove Lentis hired the criminal Drax Adereth to take out blind passengers of skytaverns.

Role in Doombringer

Quove Lentis was the man behind Merton Hoist and his mire pearlers who attacked the Farrow Ridges. He also freed the criminal Drax Adereth so that he could take revenge on their common enemy, Cade Quarter.[citation needed]

Role in Weird New Worlds (non-canon as of the Cade Saga)

Quove Lentis shortly became the chief backer of the Farrow Lake Company, profiting from illegal deals with rogue pearlers in the Farrow Ridges. When Hedgethorn Lammergyre turned up in Great Glade to inform the officials of the Cloud Quarter that his settlement was in danger, he sought out Quove, not realizing he was the brains of the entire operation. Quove Lentis pretended to sympathize with Hedgethorn, inviting him to represent the people of the Farrow Ridges at a meeting the next day, but then put out a hit on Hedgethorn. However, Threnodesse sensed Quove's evil intentions and warned Hedgethorn, and Luggins gave his life to save Hedgethorn from the waif assassin. The next day, Hedgethorn showed up at the meeting, much to Quove Lentis's horror, and testified against him, leading to Quove's indictment and arrest.


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