Raffix Emilius, also known simply as Raff, was an upper halls squire in the Knights Academy. He and Quint became friends, and Raffix accompanied Quint on some of his adventures.


The Winter Knights

Raffix was the founding member of the "Winter Knights" - the gang which also included Quint, Phin, and Stope. They journeyed into Open Sky with Maris and cured the Cloudeater, ending the Endless Winter.

Raffix met Quint and Phin (still Lower Hall squires) on Treasury Day, when he suggested a snowball fight in their afternoon off. Eating with his newfound friends, he was introduced to Stope the grey goblin forgehand, and the quartet soon became fast friends. After Quint's promotion to Upper Hall squire, Raffix's to Knight Academic-in-waiting and Phin's to Academic-at-Arms, Raff saw more of Quint but less of Phin, but it was Phin who was instrumental to The Winter Knights' creation.

Clash of the Sky Galleons

Raffix took a position aboard the Galerider during Clash of the Sky Galleons .

The Sky Chart

Raffix, along with the other Winter Knights joined Quint's crew after he'd stormed out of the Knights Academy, but after the disastrous first voyage of the Stormchaser, he found work in Sanctaphrax.[1]


It is not known what became of Raffix following the events of The Sky Chart. Since he was a Knight Academic, it can be assumed that he was eventually sent Stormchasing, and either died or became trapped in the Twilight Woods - as noted by Vilnix Pompolnius in Stormchaser, none of the Knight Academics after Garlinius Gernix ever returned from their quests for Stormphrax.

Physical Description

Raffix was tall and gangly, with protruding teeth and oval spectacles.


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