Reckonings were trials held in the Free Glades to determine the moral nature of an individual. Those who were deemed to possess an evil nature had to leave the Free Glades. Those deemed to have a good nature were allowed to become full members of the Free Glades with all previous misdeeds forgotten. The trials were conducted by Cancaresse in Waif Glen. Xanth Filatine had a Reckoning in Freeglader. He was found to be good of heart.

A Reckoning could be attended by any Freeglader, although some who had particular knowledge about the individual in question were summoned. Once there Cancaresse would look into the minds of those attending and decide from their thoughts and memories on the future of individual in question.

Third Age of Flight

In the Third Age of Flight, the term "Reckoning" came to refer to the Great Glade Thousandsticks championship. The twelve districts of Great Glade would face off against each other in a stadium in the Silver Pastures.