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All of the books in the Rook Trilogy can be bought together as one book

The Rook Trilogy or Rook Saga features

It is the the third trilogy of the Edge Chronicles and preceeded by the Twig Trilogy.

Set in the Second Age of Flight, the main character is Rook, a descendant of both Quint and Twig.

Books in the Edge Chronicles series, by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell

Quint Trilogy: The Curse of the GloamglozerThe Winter KnightsClash of the Sky Galleons

Twig Trilogy: Beyond the DeepwoodsStormchaserMidnight Over Sanctaphrax

Rook Trilogy: The Last of the Sky PiratesVoxFreeglader

The Lost Barkscrolls: Cloud WolfThe Stone PilotThe Slaughterer's QuestThe Blooding of Rufus Filatine

Nate Book: The Immortals

Cade Trilogy: The Nameless OneDoombringerThe Descenders

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