The School of Light and Darkness was the grandest, and most prestigious of the seven major institutions of Sanctaphrax, devoted to the study of luminosity. The Professors of Light and Darkness were in charge of this school. The School of Light and Darkness, specifically the Inner Sanctum, also served as the office of the Most High Academe for a short period.


A magnificent, palatial institution, the School of Light and Darkness was specially designed so that parts of it were bathed in light and parts of it were shrouded in darkness. Its academics wore robes in varying shades of grey[1], except the Professors of Light and Darkness, who wore white and black respectively[2]. The colour was meant to denote the specific grade of luminosity they studied.The most secretive of all of the seven major schools of Sanctaphrax, the School of Light and Darkness did not engage in the same intrigue, gossip, and faction-fighting that was omnipresent throughout the rest of the great floating city, instead turning such practices upon each other and resulting in internal power-struggles within the school. Aside from the academics of the School of Light and Darkness, only the invited were allowed to so much as enter the building.


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