The School of Restoration, also known as the School of Archivists, was a school in the Sumpwood Bridge Academy in Hive. It was located on the north side of the Sumpwood Bridge. Its academics kept themselves to themselves and rarely had visitors. Nate Quarter, Ambris Hentadile, and the other members of their party stayed in the School of Restoration while they were in Hive during The Immortals.


The academics of the School of Restoration occupied their time with a few different academic activities. They studied various rock samples from all across the Edge. Their study of rock samples from the Edgelands pavement led them to discover that the pavement naturally gave off wispy vapour in cold damp conditions. They theorised that this natural process led to the superstitious belief that spirits and wraiths inhabited the Edgelands[1]. Due to their correspondence with academics from the School of Edge Cliff Studies in Great Glade, they had access to rock samples taken from the side of the Edge cliff itself by descenders. This allowed them to study the fossilized glisters contained within the rock, and therefore the mystery of how life itself began. The academics of the School of Restoration also made copies of the work of the Sumpwood Bridge Academy.

Notable Academics


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