The Second Age of Flight was the time period marked by the use of small, agile skycraft to navigate the Edge, rather than large, cumbersome sky ships -- which no longer worked due to stone-sickness. Skycraft were made of buoyant sumpwood and coated in a special varnish to keep them stable. They were easier to manoeuver than sky ships, though skycraft never achieved the size or the majesty of the great sky galleons of old. Furthermore they were too weak to carry very much cargo and could only hold a handful of people at a time. The Second Age of Flight occurred during the Rook Trilogy, and ended upon the invention of phraxchambers by Xanth Filatine, which marked the start of the Third Age of Flight, although a few scattered librarians continued to use sumpwood skycraft hundreds of years into the future.


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Map of the Edge in the Second Age of Flight

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