The Second Endless Winter was a months long, unseasonable winter that took place during the Quint Trilogy, freezing Sanctaphrax and Undertown to below freezing tempatures, and threatened to chill Sanctaphrax to super-buoyancy.

The Cause of The Second Endless Winter

There were several theories on what caused the winter.  Hax Vostillix believed that it was caused by "blasphous earth scholarship", while Screedius Tollinix supposed that it was the arrival of the Mother Storm, while most just wondered and puzzled about it.  However, the true cause was a sick cloudeater, stranded in open sky,trying to blow itself free by sucking in warm air and clouds, freezing them, and blowing them out as ice cold blizzards and gales. The Winter ended when Quint, Stope, Raffix, Phin and Maris sailed into open sky and fed the cloudeater Stormphrax, melting the ice trapping it.

Effects of The Second Endless Winter

The main thing that worried Sanctaphrax Academics was that the cold might make the Sanctaphrax Rock so cold it might rip free of its mourings, stranding the academics in Open Sky. It also effected the price of wood, making it so it cost 8 Gold Pieces for a small bundle of lufwood logs. It also made flight by flight rocks almost impossible, making trade extremely difficult.