A picture from the Chirs Riddell's black Edge notebook

The Shadow Clan of the High Valley Nation was a nomadic tribe of hammerhead goblins living in the Western Woods, around the Farrow Ridges. Chert served as their clan chief.

The Shadow Clan acted as the eyes and ears of the Hammerhead Nations. They travelled further than any of the other clans, and were adept at concealing themselves and remaining hidden. They specialised in trapping, and traded pelts and skins with the other clans. They chose weapons such as jag-blade spears, copperwood broadswords and ironwood axes.

Role in the Cade Saga

In The Nameless One, Cade and Celestia saved Teeg, the son of the clan chief, from a bloodoak. Because of this, they were granted the honour of staying in the Shadow Clan's camp and received clan rings.

In Doombringer, the Shadow Clan helped fight against Merton Hoist and the mire-pearlers for the safety of the Farrow Ridges.

Known Clan Members