The Silver Pastures was a Deepwoods settlement near the Free Glades. It was a vast clearing of silvery, rolling hills on which hammelhorns and other creatures grazed. Some slaughterers lived in the Silver Pastures. On one end of the clearing was a line of lookout towers, from which could be seen many of the other Deepwoods settlements.

Keris, along with a band of webfoot goblins, journeyed across the Silver Pastures during the events of The Slaughterers' Quest. Many years later, Rook, Stob, Magda, and Hekkle traveled through the Silver Pastures on their way to the Free Glades.

Third Age of Flight

Centuries later, in the Third Age of Flight, the Silver Pastures expanded into one of the twelve districts of Great Glade. Though the Silver Pastures was still a community of herders, the area became more urban, and was slightly more developed and prosperous than the Northern Outer City and Southern Outer City. The Thousandsticks stadium was located in the centre of the district.

Silver Pastures District Third Age of Flight

The Silver Pastures district of Great Glade in the Third Age of Flight